Promise Button Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

My Promise Button keeps playing the same scripture. Is it broken?

There could be a variety of reasons why this is happening. Here are a few.

1. Once the button is turned on it will typically play the same first scripture. If you turn the button off after playing the scripture and then turn it on again to play another scripture you will probably hear the same scripture. Leave the button in the On position then it will start playing different scriptures.

2. If you keep pressing the button within 5 seconds after the scripture stops playing it is just repeating the scriptures and it is working properly. Simply wait after 5 seconds once the initial scripture stops playing and a different scripture will play.

3. If item #1 and #2 don’t fix the issue then you could truly have a broken button. Contact Us and we will then get you a new one.

What kind of batteries does the Promise Button use?

The Promise Button uses two AAA batteries.

How long will the batteries last?

We can’t say exactly how long the batteries will last because of differently variables at play. However, when we have been testing buttons and we have found many of them to last for upwards of 300 button pushes.

Can you create custom buttons for specific ministry types or use well known people's voices from ministries in the button?

Yes we can. Part of our goal is to help non-profits raise funds in a different and unique way. One of those ways can be creating buttons geared towards and certain ministry or using voices from well known Christian leaders speaking the scriptures.


How much does it cost to ship the Promise Button?

Shipping charges will be calculated in the shopping cart and are determined by what shipping class you choose and what area the product will be shipped to. We offer 1st class, express and priority express shipping through the United States Postal Service.

Can I get my order sooner?

Yes you can. We offer Express Shipping with the United States Post Service that guarantees delivery the next day as long as the product was ordered by 3pm Mountain Standard Time.

There is a fee for express shipping.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes we can. As long as we can accept your form of payment and the United States Post Office ships to your address we can ship internationally.

Can I do a local pickup if I am in the Denver metro area?

Yes you can. Please contact us directly to arrange the details.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

How do I go about making payment?

You can pay online within our shopping cart or you can contact us directly and we can set up another payment process. This could include sending an email with an invoice and a payment link or we can take payment over the phone.

Returns & Exchanges

If there's a problem with my Promise Button, can I exchange it?

Yes you can. If the Promise Button has failed to operate properly we will gladly get you an new button. We will need proof the button isn’t working properly before we send it to you.

If I don't like my Promise Button, can I return it?

We can’t imagine you not liking your Promise Button but we understand and want our customers to be happy. We will send you a shipping label to send the product back. Once received we will refund your purchase amount minus any shipping and handling cost.

Still Have Questions? Let’s Talk.

If you still have questions or would like to discuss Promise Button further, please drop us an email: